55 Morning Affirmations To Make Every Day Count!

Morning affirmations

Your thoughts and things you say to yourself shape your life. Every one of them. We ARE our thoughts.

But we wouldn’t live in the civilization we live in now if we didn’t translate those thoughts into something that other people could understand, namely, language, and words.

Now, when we talk to someone we respect, love and wish all the best to, do we think about what we say? Sure.

Do we subconsciously calculate the best and most polite way to say something to them? Of course.

Would we feel bad, if for some reason we failed to express our thoughts in a respectful manner, and this person, a dear friend, got confused and even upset? Well, I sure would.

This friend is YOU yourself, your BEST OF THE BEST friend. For some people these days – probably the only one.

So we HAVE TO be very mindful about what words we say to ourselves, opting only for those which make us more confident, joyous, and courageous.

Words we say to ourselves

What are Affirmations and how to take advantage of them?

Affirmations or self-affirmations have a very easy and straightforward definition. They are sentences or statements that are used to counter negative and destructive thoughts. Affirmations can also be positive and encouraging thoughts that motivate you. They are widely used to develop new habits, reach difficult life goals, improve mental and physical health. The word ”affirmation” is of Latin origin, meaning ”to assert, confirm, strengthen”

Sounds easy to do, right? Just repeat short phrases and improve your life.

It is, but doing just that is not going to be very effective. Your brain will soon realize it doesn’t require much attention and cognitive resources to repeat a few words over and over. So, it will turn on the autopilot and wander off to the old thoughts soon enough.

To keep your brain busy and ”fortify” your new thoughts, you have to visualize.

Your mind constantly thinks in images.

When you hear the word ”pope” you either visualize a man in papal regalia or the word ”pope” itself on your mental ”screen”.

Or, when you try to add 55 to 55 you involuntarily see either numbers or some things (like sticks or trees).

So, to maximize the effect of affirmations, you should always supplement affirmations with clear, detailed, and very vivid mental images.

When you’re just starting out with affirmations, I recommend visualizing EVERY word as clearly as you can to practice When you’ve done that, try to form a single picture to accompany the affirmation.

For example – if you want to improve your financial situation, you would repeat, ”I am financially free”, all while focusing on an elaborate mental picture of yourself smiling, wearing high-quality clothes, living in your dream apartment and sharing your wealth with people you love and being content about it.

Morning affirmations

Why morning?


Seriously though, I see every day as a mini-micro life, meaning that morning is like the childhood – the best and most fertile time to practice new habits and get rid of the old ones. It’s possible and beneficial to do affirmations whenever you want, but, like in the analogy mentioned before – the later in the day you do it, the lesser the impact on the rest of the day (and life, consequently).

One more thing

For maximum effect, try to do your affirmations for at least 5 minutes straight. You can vary them, but try to dedicate at least one minute of pure concentration per affirmation. So, quality > quantity.

And do them yourself, with your own voice!

Let’s go!

To calm your mind and make the affirmations more effective, I’ve found some relaxing ambient music for you to listen while you read through affirmations.



I`m grateful to be alive

Each day is filled with joy and abundance

I am worthy of my dreams

Today I choose happiness

I believe in myself

Today I will do my best

I will accomplish my goals

Every part of me is beautiful

I am respected

My talents are unique to me

I let go of my doubts

I am at peace with my past

My thoughts become my reality



Today is filled with blessings and I open my heart to receive them (I just love this one)

My heart is filled with gratitude for all that I have and all that is yet to come

I trust that my faith in the universe will gift me with all that I need in life

I am a magnet for positivity, abundance, and blessings

I am confident in my abilities to make a change in this world

I allow tranquil and serene energy, thoughts and things to flow to me

I have all the information I need to solve any difficulties that I may face today

I take care of my health and treat my body with respect

I am thankful for whatever happens today

Wealth affirmations



I am a money magnet

I always attract abundance and prosperity with ease

Wealth flows into my life

I will succeed financially

My abilities are worthy of being paid abundantly

I attract money on a daily basis

I get paid more and more every month

My income is growing rapidly

I welcome abundance into my world

Money is my friend

The more money I spend the more comes back to me

Relationship affirmations


My partner shows me deep love

My partner and I always have something to talk about

People find me likable

We are together because we are perfect for each other

I am ready for a loving relationship

My heart is open for my perfect partner

I am willing to work on our relationship

I am irresistible to my partner

I am grateful for my partner

I am cherished

I feel love in every situation

I love unconditionally

Success, go get it


I am entering the most successful years of my life

I choose success over failure

I realise all my potential

My dreams are possible

I am confident about my talents

I am smart and successful

I am willing to do what it takes to achieve greatness

I constantly see opportunities

My opportunities have no boundaries

I am always learning



Hope you enjoyed these powerful affirmations. As I mentioned above – you can practice them any time you like, it’s just that mornings are the best.

Your life doesn’t have to be perfect (or anywhere near that) for you to be happy. Being happy means you’ve decided to take responsibility for every little imperfection!

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